I am Michael Jordan (no, not that one). Currently, I’m in my forties and plan to stay there for a while. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to find a wonderful wife, have a couple of great kids and work at some amazing companies.


Having worked in 4 different industries in my career (Retail, Consumer Electronics, High Frequency Trading and Advertising/Marketing), I have had the luxury of seeing several different sides of business. Especially in consumer electronics, where I spent 14 years working at Apple on a couple of great teams within AppleCare.


I have lived in Texas since age 3 and would have been born here if the company my Dad worked for hadn’t been dragging their feet on a transfer. Mississippi is my official home state, but having only lived there for 3 weeks, then 3 years in New Orleans, I only think of Texas as home.


In the past, I explained to friends that the reason I didn’t have a blog is because I didn’t have anything interesting to say. Creating a blog doesn’t mean that I’m thinking that’s changed much, but I wanted to stretch my writing muscles and learn the blogging process.

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